Making risk mitigation work for green energy lending and investment:

The AEGF risk-sharing platform rests on three pillars: Munich Re as the re-insurer, with EIB and KfW providing a 2nd loss guarantee to increase Munich Re’s reinsurance capacity. This extra capacity is made available to primary insurers so they can offer lenders and investors AEGF-backed solutions to better address the risks and timelines of green energy projects. The ability to purchase better-adapted and and more cost-effective coverage then gives both lenders and investors the incentive – and the peace of mind – to finance green energy development.
The African Energy Guarantee Facility backs primary insurers with a total re-insurance capacity of 1 billion USD.

Expert support every step of the way

With AEGF in the risk mitigation equation, your project becomes the priority of a larger network, an ecosystem that focuses only on sustainable, secure energy investments in Africa. It means access to the experience and expertise, from the drawing board to the grid, of specialists who share your commitment to the success of your project.

Local knowledge, privileged access

It means support at the local and regional level to keep up the momentum as your project progresses toward completion. Through established and respected experts who deeply understand the realities on the ground and can make the difference when navigating unfamiliar territory.

'Backed by AEGF' means stronger, safer and more sustainable energy projects

Three words that spell the renewal of risk mitigation in the greening of African energy. “Backed by AEGF” means more than project insurance and expertise dedicated to green energy development. De-risking solutions backed by AEGF provide long-term certainty in a fast-moving environment. A solid foundation upon which to base finance decisions in the most promising but also challenging undertaking: to tap the vast renewable resources available and meet the growing energy demands of one of the planet's most dynamic regions. In so doing, to realize the unique potential for greening a large share of the planet's energy production.