Underscore the credibility, commitment and professionalism that go into your project.

The ability of your energy project to deliver on its promise depends to no small degree on it being properly shielded against the risks that have hindered or even shut down so many other undertakings before yours.

That is why having your insurance solution backed by AEGF is key. Besides providing a solid argument for securing funding and support, it also gives investors, lenders and partners the peace of mind they need to remain at your side until the last switch is turned on.

Much more than cost-effective, customized insurance.

A partnership to navigate the process from the drawing board to power delivery. Having AEGF on board means having access to an extensive network of partners with longstanding experience to avoid pitfalls and replicate successes.

More importantly, it means working with people who care about making energy investments happen in Africa and understand local realities. Knowing your project benefits from this dedicated support system is invaluable in the eyes of your co-stakeholders.