How to increase confidence in Africa Clean Energy investment? – A case for risk protection adapted to investor realities.

Although it is FREE-TO-ATTEND, this 90-min webinar is promising to be well attended and you are strongly advised to SIGN UP!

Are you currently investing or looking to invest into Renewable Energy projects in Africa? Then chances are political and offtaker risks have weighed in evaluating the strengths and the ROI of projects. Have you been successful in finding adequate risk mitigation solutions for safer investments and bankable projects?

Based on experience, there is a high likelihood that your answer would be negative. For this specific reason, we would like to convene you to this African Energy Guarantee Facility (AEGF) webinar on November 25th from 2:00 to 3:30 CET (Berlin time).

According to the IEA, the total regional energy demand is expected to quadruple over the next two decades due to urbanization, agricultural and industrial production as well as infrastructure modernization. And we also know from the same agency that contrary to the signing of the Paris Agreement 6 years ago, the share of hydropower, solar and wind in the continent’s electricity generation is still below 20%. As a result, Africa has become even more dependent on fossil fuels to meet its fast-growing demand for power.

To reverse this precarious development, a change of direction is needed. By harnessing the potential of renewable energy, Africa’s young, dynamically growing economies can ensure energy supply is generated in line with international climate goals. To realise this purpose, Africa should aim to double annual investments in low-carbon energy to approximately $40-$65 billion per year. This will only made possible if the questions raised above are adequately resolved.

In this webinar, you will:
• Be getting insights from renewable energy ongrid projects in West Africa, and their perception of risk mitigation issues.
• Develop better understanding of the immediate and long term benefits of risk mitigation solutions for investments in clean energy projects.
• Discover a facility driven by institutions like the EIB and KfW and specifically designed to answer the specific needs of renewable energy projects in Africa.
• Have the chance to engage and interact with the managing authority behind the African Energy Guarantee Facility.
• More…

We are looking forward to see you there!