How to unlock investments into Africa’s Renewable Energy market and effectively promote private sector project development?

The African Energy Guarantee Facility is preparing a virtual roadshow of free webinars allowing a deeper understanding of risk issues for renewable energy projects on the continent, and conversations around risk mitigation solutions.

How do we get more energy projects from the drawing board to the grid? The energy demand in African economies is expected to nearly double by 2040, and although the potential for renewable energy is 1,000 times larger than the demand, only 2GW out of almost 180 GW of this new renewable power were added on the African continent.

Clearly not good enough! To improve the situation within the next two decades, new solutions need to be implemented… urgently.

De-risking and promoting private sector investments will play a crucial part of it.

In this free webinar on Thursday 23 September 2021, from 13:30 to 15:00 CEST (Berlin time), you will discover the highlights of a study on renewable energy transition in Africa and take a closer look at improved risk mitigation solutions.

In this 90-min session, established financials partners such as the European Investment Bank, KfW and the African Trade Insurance Agency have come together to share their experience and provide deeper insights of key risks that have been holding back much needed energy investments, seriously undermining the success of energy projects, including those already underway.

We need less talk, more action! This webinar will definitely focus on the latter! Don’t miss it!

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